What Our Clients Have to Say

The best reasons to rely on accounting solutions from Libock & Associates are the heartfelt endorsements we’ve received from our clients.

“Thanks for the helpful information, and for bringing value to us all.”

– Hank Shrier, Founder – Global Business Networking and
author of The Natural Networker

“It’s refreshing to be connected with a company such as Libock & Associates that takes pride in the beginning, middle and end product of each and every client. The team at your prestigious organization enjoys performing the work properly and with unmatched quality of work.”

– Benoît Kiss Borlase – Benoît Kiss-Borlase Advisor in Talent Potential

“Since dealing with Libock & Associates, my standards for accountants have been raised. I value a firm that is trustworthy, responsive and very detail-oriented. All of what I expect in quality accounting service is far surpassed on a regular basis.”

– Elise Pantino of East Northport, NY

“I have worked with Libock & Associates for several years and have referred several clients who have repeatedly thanked me for the referral and love working with such a down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable professional firm. Libock & Associates is 100% dedicated to serving their clients and communicates tax issues in plain English, giving clients a comfort level far beyond what most accounting firms can provide.”

– Dave Albrecht, MBA, EA, CFO – JT Max & Associates

“Nicholas S. Libock of Libock & Associates has the drive, knowledge and integrity you want and need from your accountant and accounting firm. They return phone calls, answer all your questions, and give you a feeling of competence and caring that is very important.”

– Thomas Pantino, Partner – Mendes Mount LLP

“Libock & Associates’ great strengths include analysis, meticulous observation, dedication, friendliness and a pleasant attitude at all times. These traits are essential to an excellent accounting firm and business consultants.”

– Rufino Hurtado, Jr., MBA – Glen Cove, NY

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas S. Libock for the past five years. During that time, he has provided me with invaluable advice, consistent and dependable support, and accounting practices which are above reproach. He answers all of my questions concisely and in plain language. Nicholas is an excellent problem solver and keeps abreast of the changes in the tax code.”

– Lauren Vidas, Sales Executive – Newsday

“If you really want to know somebody, spend time with them until 11 p.m. during their 15th consecutive hour of work! Even at the last hour, Nicholas S. Libock is as pleasant and helpful as he was at the first. He always had time to help, even when the workload appeared to be outrageous.”

– Geraldine Browne, Owner – Computercations

“I have worked with Libock & Associates for the past five years and feel comfortable recommending anyone to them. They provide top-quality tax advice and accounting service. They are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and industries. Everyone I have referred has been extremely happy with their work.”

– Brian J. White, Advanced Financial Advisor – Ameriprise Financial

“Libock & Associates advised me on a number of matters, displaying a high command of the important information in each industry and service, including tax return preparation, tax planning and bookkeeping. Libock & Associates is experienced, honest, forthright, and comes with my highest recommendation.”

– Jonathan H. Chung – Queens Council

“When I first started my restaurant in 2003, I had no idea what was involved in complying with local and federal regulations. I really needed an expert to advise me. Then I found Libock & Associates. They personally ensured that all my filings were up-to-date and recorded accurately. I received a crash course in accounting systems, internal controls and daily responsibilities that needed to be performed. Libock & Associates has made an unbelievable difference because the professionals at this dynamic, creative and revolutionary firm truly care about my success. I was able to expand my business from one small restaurant to three separate successful establishments which include seating for up to 200 people. You can’t put a price on that!”

– Jesus Gomez, President – Mixteca Mexicana, Inc. & Affiliates

“After years of poor accounting and financial advice from a former accountant, I owed several thousand dollars to the New York State government in back taxes from a business gone bankrupt in earlier years. The former accountant neglected to inform me that these taxes were due, with interest and penalties. Not knowing where to turn, I did some research and was referred over and over again to Libock & Associates. Sure enough, after a few rigorous months of communicating with New York State tax collectors, Libock & Associates reduced the taxes owed by 78%. In a few months, they accomplished what my prior accountant could not do in several years. Like so many other things in life, you get what you pay for when entrusting your finances to an independent advisor and succession consultant. Using Libock & Associates gets you the best money can buy.”

– Rufino Hurtado, Sr. – Glen Cove, NY

“Libock & Associates has prepared my parents tax returns over the past several years. Not only has the Libock & Associates team shown exceptional knowledge in regards to the tax code but are also extremely accommodating. My parents look forward to using the firm’s services once again and looking forward to another tax return season.”

– Greg Cola, Real Estate Acquisition Team Leader – TGM Associates L.P.

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