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At Libock & Associates, we are proud to serve businesses in a wide range of industries. Click on any title below to learn about the in-depth accounting solutions we offer for particular lines of business.

Real Estate

Fierce competition and ever-changing tax laws present special challenges for the real estate industry. At Libock & Associates, we keep abreast of financial trends and issues, while helping clients find fiscal solutions in a rapidly evolving market.

Tax Planning – Our expertise in the real estate sector allows us to provide in-depth, detailed financial analysis, including:

  • Financial statement services
  • Acquisition due diligence procedures
  • Loan negotiation assistance
  • Budget preparation and cash management assistance
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Internal control reviews

Lease Consulting – Our real estate professionals inspect operating leases for compliance with lease terms. We ensure proper application of tax rules to maintain maximum deductibility and cash flow. In addition, we provide cost segregation studies and assist with like-kind property exchanges.


Libock & Associates is well-acquainted with the special accounting rules and tax regulations governing construction companies. We serve general and sub-contractors in:

  • Heavy highway construction
  • General building
  • Environmental remediation
  • Residential construction (all areas and specialties)
  • Many other specialties

Manufacturing and Distribution

The domestic manufacturing and distribution market has changed considerably, requiring businesses to be exceptionally flexible and creative. Libock & Associates helps you keep your edge by managing your business more efficiently and taking advantage of favorable tax laws. With our innovative operational reviews and sound advice, you can look past the numbers and unlock hidden value and potential.


Businesses in the healthcare industry have witnessed dramatic changes in the past 15 years, and there are many more transformations on the horizon. Libock & Associates helps level the playing field for physicians who find they are working harder for less compensation. Our integrated team of compliance specialists, financial experts and accountants can provide invaluable research, guidance and other solutions necessary to grow healthcare practices and optimize profitability.


Libock & Associates specializes in providing growth strategies for the retail and restaurant industries. By guiding companies toward improved operational and financial performance, we help them achieve greater growth and profitability.

Food and Grocery Retailers

The Libock & Associates team specializes in growing the business of our food industry and grocery retailer clients. We develop new solutions and identify products to satisfy clients’ needs while adhering to strict industry rules and guidelines. We help identify opportunities to improve processes and product lines to increase inventory turnover, improve cash flow and reduce inventory levels and spoilage.

Small, Midsize, and Family Business Services

Libock & Associates provides the tools small, mid-size and family businesses need to maximize growth and profitability. As objective advisors, we work to keep your company on track. We move family members beyond their differences to plan for the future of the organization.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Succession planning
  • Transferring ownership
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Valuation services
  • Estate planning and wealth preservation
  • Compensation strategies
  • Recruiting non-family management
  • Resolving conflict
  • Information technology
  • Tax planning and compliance

At Libock & Associates, we believe that, regardless of the size of your company, you deserve the treatment and respect any blue chip company receives.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations answer to a wide array of constituents: directors, donors, governments, the general public and, most importantly, the people they serve. Our not-for-profit team helps leaders of these organizations run operations more efficiently so they can spend more time and resources on their missions and less on administrative and financial concerns.

The professionals at Libock & Associates have worked with a variety of not-for-profit entities, including:

  • Charities
  • Educational institutions
  • Religious institutions
  • Human services agencies
  • Churches
  • Pension plans
  • Dioceses

Entertainment and Media Companies

Libock & Associates fully understands the obstacles faced by the entertainment and media industry. Our broad experience includes service to various industry segments, including

  • Internet and e-commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Motion picture production, editing, post-production and distribution services
  • Television commercial production
  • Book and magazine publishing
  • Graphic design
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising and public relations

Our goal is to remove the obstacles specific to each client’s needs so the focus can be on business development and profitability.


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