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Beneficial Outsourced CFO Services in Garden City

outsourced cfo services in Garden CityIf you own a business, you know that its daily responsibilities leave you little time for planning its financial future. A CFO can provide your company with crucial insights, improved accounting operations, and invaluable financial direction. At Libock & Associates LLC, we offer flexible and efficient outsourced CFO services to help your company achieve its goals.

Since 2008, we've had the privilege of serving the businesses of Garden City, Melville, and the surrounding Long Island communities. Our team of experienced accountants looks forward to adapting our services to exceed your expectations. Please stop by our Garden City accounting firm or call us today for your free initial consultation!

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Why Choose an Outsourced CFO?

As a small to a mid-size business owner, it can be easy to think that the services of a CFO are inaccessible because of financial constraints. Outsourcing provides your company with the help and direction you need without the hassle of bringing on a full-time professional.

Over the years, we've served countless businesses through a broad range of industries, which has given us a comprehensive scope of industry-specific strategies. From the moment you trust us with your business, we'll tailor our knowledge to your business. Not only will we account for your financial goals, but we'll improve existing accounting processes.

Adapting to Your Unique Needs

At Libock & Associates LLC, our outsourced CFO services are customized to your needs so that you never pay for unwanted services. Whether you want a full suite of services or only want the forecasting component, we're more than happy to adjust our offerings. Just as no two business owners' needs are the same, the frequency of our services changes as well. We can provide you with services once a week or monthly, depending on the extent and level of assistance you require.

What to Expect from Outsourced CFO Services

Our firm leverages time-tested processes and in-depth industry knowledge to offer you an extensive list of financial offerings. Some of our Garden City outsourced CFO services include:

Financial Forecasting: The most valuable service of a CFO is financial forecasting. Our forecasting stems from evaluating your cash flow, industry type, and potential market trends. We'll examine your company's current monetary situation and previous performance to help determine your company's future, including growth opportunities.

Accounting Review: One of the first things we'll do is examine your current bookkeeping for accuracy. We'll evaluate your accounting processes once we've confirmed that your records and data are consistent across all platforms. Our team will streamline your daily operations with an eye toward efficiency and effectiveness.

Budgeting: A critical component to achieving your financial goals is through budgeting. It provides you with a weekly financial roadmap that outlines your estimated revenue, fixed costs, variable costs, profit, and cash flow. Our Garden City accountants will assist you in determining your priorities and analyzing spending habits.

Cash Flow Management: Although cash flow management seems obvious, ensuring your expenses don't exceed your available cash can be challenging for new and experienced business owners alike. We'll closely monitor costs like utilities and payroll to assess how much cash you have in hand, determining the amount you'll need in the future, and scheduling payments according to your available revenue.

Bank Relationships: An often-overlooked component of running a business is its bank relationships. Just as a vendor requires business to build trust, so does a bank. For example, you may have to apply for a loan throughout running your company. If you apply with a bank you've built trust with, they may grant you more favorable interest rates and terms. Our Garden City accounting firm will help you determine if your bank is advantageous to your financial future and if so, we'll work to foster a good relationship with them.

Making the Most of Tax Season

pen on top of US tax documentsTax season is an excellent opportunity to save money and bring you one step closer to reaching your financial goals. However, countless businesses each year miss out on cost savings. Our Garden City outsourced CFO services include in-depth tax projections that help you make necessary adjustments well ahead of time.

Whether you have a history of missing deadlines or over-deducting, we're here to start building tax habits that are beneficial for your company. We'll also help you change any bad tax habits if needed. Our knowledgeable team is more than happy to answer any tax questions you may have.

Get the Help of an Experienced Garden City Accounting Firm

From day-to-day budgeting to long-term financial forecasting, our comprehensive outsourced CFO services can assist your company on multiple levels. At Libock & Associates LLC, we genuinely care about your success, and we'll show it from the minute you allow us to be your CFO. Contact our Garden City accounting firm today for your free consultation!

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